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bamboo towel


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You can use the best products in the world, but if you're rubbing your hair dry with a regular towel you'll look like you slept in a hay-shed. Our bamboo jersey hair towel dries hair quickly, without disrupting your natural curl pattern. No rubbing required. 

Bamboo grows fast, uses far less water than cotton and is super absorbent. Better yet, it's natural so it doesn't release microfibres into the waterways like most microfibre hair towels. 

To dry hair, scrunch with the bamboo towel. Do not rub! Continue until your hair is drip-free. You can also wrap you hair up in the towel for hassel free drying.

Tip: Wrap your dry hair in the towel when you sleep to preserve curls overnight.


For full details on how to create natural, healthy curls, head over to our WAVVES METHOD article. 

Composition: 95% bamboo, 5% elastane

Dimensions: 90cm x 60cm

Fun Fact: Sewed in a studio powered 100% by solar

Side effects may include

- Paranoia about regular towels touching your hair ever again

- Increased compliments

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