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Haircare doesn't have to be complicated, pricey or floral scented. There are natural tools, straightforward steps and an effective method to overcome tangling and frizz. If you want to ditch the man bun and embrace your natural curls, this is your new routine.

6 tools. 4 steps. 1 routine.

It all comes down to this: detangling wet hair, ditching products that strip and clog, adding natural oils where they're needed, scrunching dry instead of rubbing and adding some definition with a curl gel.

The result: effortless wavves.


The flat, porous shafts of curly hair require a little more TLC than your straighter strand. The curlier and more porous the hair the more prone it is to dryness, as the scalp's natural oils have a harder time travelling down to the ends.

This is the culprit of frizz. When the level of humidity in the air is greater than the level of water held in your hair, (yes, dry hair holds moisture!) your hair absorbs water. More water creates more hydrogen bonds, disrupting the hair cuticle and making each strand kink and curl in all directions. Magnify this by an entire head of hair and the result is frizz.

The solution? Hydrate those curls where your scalp left off - remove sulfates, silicones and drying alcohols from your routine, amp up the moisture and seal it in a gel cast. Trust us.

one wash is all it takes

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1. SHAMPOO: Free of sulphates & harsh detergents.

2. CONDITIONER: Free of silicones, full of hydrating ingredients and preferably one that doubles as a leave in.

3. HAIR OIL: Only natural ingredients, no cheap fillers, Argan oil is king.

4. CURL GEL: Free of drying alcohols, the product should seal in moisture, preferably smells great too.

5. DETANGLING COMB: Wide and long toothed combs work best for curls. No brushing, ever.

6. SMOOTH FIBRE TOWEL OR COTTON T-SHIRT: Avoid using a regular cotton towel as the fibres disrupt your curls. Smooth drying for smooth curls.

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The Full Routine


The secrets to good hair are cutting out the stuff that messes with it: silicones, sulfates, harsh detergents, regular towels, dehydration and incorrect technique.  Save this run down for later reference and keep scrolling for a deep dive into each step.



WHY: Shampoo is a gentler version of soap: it cleans excess oil, sweat and dirt from your hair and scalp. Some people need it and some don’t. If you have fine, dry hair you may not need to use shampoo at all, but for men who work up a sweat often, shampoo is a must. 

WHEN: Shampoo only when your hair looks or smells oily/dirty. For some people, this is every couple of days and for others, this is once a week. 

HOW: Think of shampooing as cleaning your scalp rather than your hair. Use your fingers to massage the shampoo all over your scalp. Always wash it out thoroughly.   



WHY: Short hair is naturally moisturised by the oils from your scalp. The longer and curlier your hair is, the less oil makes it down to the ends. This leaves hair dry, frizzy and more prone to tangling and breakage. Conditioner moisturises hair with natural oils and coats the strands, leaving them shinier, smoother and less prone to tangling. Give conditioners (and any products) with silicones a miss as they build up in your curls leaving them flat, greasy and even dry - as natural oils can’t penetrate.

WHEN: If your hair is getting too frizzy or dry, or you can’t run your fingers through it, it’s time to condition. For some people, this is every shower and for others, it’s once a week. 

HOW: Use after shampoo (if you use shampoo)! Wet your hair thoroughly then turn the shower off. Apply a generous amount of conditioner all over your hair, focussing on the ends, and comb through with your detangling comb. If your hair is knotted, work knots out starting at the ends and slowly moving up until your hair is fully detangled. Wash out thoroughly. 

HOT TIP: A good quality conditioner can double as a leave-in conditioner. Comb a 20c coin size dollop of conditioner through wet hair and don't wash it out. 



WHY: For long, porous or curly hair, conditioner just isn’t enough. The solution to humidity is to put in hydrating natural oils (without cheap filler ingredients) right where your scalp left off. A good oil replicates and supplements the natural oils that our skin produces. It strengthens, moisturises, reduces frizz and adds shine.

HOW OFTEN: Every time you condition and anytime you want a little less frizz and a little more shine.

HOW TO: There are lots of ways to use your oil. Try these methods to start:

  • Mix a few drops into your conditioner before applying it
  • Scrunch a few drops into the ends of wet hair
  • Lightly coat hands in a few drops of oil and scrunch into the ends of dry hair for instant de-frizzing
  • Apply a generous amount of oil and let it soak in for half an hour before showering

HOT TIP: You can use our hair oil on your beard too!



WHY: Gel is the absolute key to excellent looking hair. The right gel creates definition, hold, helps your curls retain moisture better, reduces frizz and fluff. Avoid products with drying alcohols, filler ingredients and glycerin as they won’t deliver long-lasting results.

WHEN: Use gel directly after washing on sopping wet hair. 

HOW: Apply a generous amount of gel and using your hands - rake and scrunch the product through sopping-wet hair from the roots to the ends. Once the product is distributed, use a smooth fibre towel or cotton t-shirt to dry your hair in a scrunching-squeezing motion, no rubbing! Leave the hair to fully air-dry or alternatively use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to speed up the process. 

AFTER: Once your hair is fully dry the gel should have left a slightly hard cast surrounding your curls. Using your hands, scrunch out the crunch until your hair feels smooth and you’ll be impressed with what’s left.

HOT TIP: Apply a smear of oil to your hands to assist in scrunching out the crunch.

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