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Sustainability Choices

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Putting our oceans firsT.

We're a proud partner of the Australian Marine Conservation Society. They work to stop the biggest threats that our oceans face, like overfishing, single-use plastics and habitat destruction. 

We donate $1 from every product we sell to AMSC and consult with them to make our products as sustainable as possible.
  • Local Production

    Our products are formulated and made in Australia
  • Carbon Neutral delivery

    All deliveries are 100% carbon offset
  • Recyclable Packaging

    All our packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Organic Ingredients

    Our formulas use the best natural ingredients

We're constantly improving.

We're always striving to be better. As we continue to grow, new opportunities for us to improve our sustainability practices become available to us.

Local Production

We're Australian Owned and Australian Made. We pick manufacturers as close to home as possible to minimise our transportation footprint. Plus, we like to see where our products are made!

We're particularly proud to say that our towels are hand-sewn in a local studio powered 100% by solar.
Sydney Opera House at sunrise
Man planting a tree to offset carbon emissions

carbon neutral delivery

Over 10% of global CO2 emissions come from transportation, including package deliveries. The emissions from your delivery are cancelled out by a process known as 'offsetting', by supporting projects that reduce emissions, like regenerating forests.  

recyclable packaging

From the cardboard box your product comes in, to the aluminium lids on our glass bottles, all our packaging is 100% recyclable. What's more, we print directly onto our bottles so that sticky plastic labels don't hinder the recycling process. 
Recyclable craft cardboard mailer box
003 Hair Oil for curly hair on an ocean rock

organic ingredients

Our formulas are made from 99% certified organic and natural ingredients, so they're better for you and the planet. We make our towels from bamboo fabric because it grows fast, doesn't release microplastics like microfibre fabric and is super absorbant. 

   We've got big plans.

Watch this space for refills and better
 packaging materials, coming soon
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